CW Series

Citizen Bench Scales comply with international standards of quality. Every component used in these scales is stringently quality tested to assure clients of product excellence. These weighing scales are extensively used for weighing activities in industries.

CW Series Bench Scales have water proof housing design. Entire body of the scale is constructed using rust proof stainless steel which makes it easier to clean. Indicator is made of stainless steel adaptable to food, pharma & chemical environment

Stainless steel scales
Complete Weighing scales made of Stainless steel

Battery operation
Built in Rechargeable battery. Operating time approx. 80h.

Net/Gross weight
to control the consumed weighing range at the touch of a key

Backlit LCD display
Large & bright weighing display for easy viewing

Quick response
Fast and accurate results

Energy-saving mode AUTO-OFF function after 5 mins without a change of load to preserve the

Optional RS-232C data interface provides the ideal basis for communication.

Indicator made of Stainless Steel, adaptable to food, pharma, chemical environment

Unit Selection
Selectable weighing units gm, kg, ounce, lb