dpi611DPI 611 Pressure Calibrator

Generate pressure in seconds with the robust, easy-to-use Druck DPI 611 pressure calibrator from GE. The ergonomic, hand-held device provides the best-in-class accuracy, with easy-to-use features, including an intuitive menu that recalls favorite tasks and documents data. With a touchscreen interface and a large color display, the rugged calibrator provides twice the performance in a product half the size of its predecessor.

DPI-620-Genii-2DPI 620 Genii

Powerful productivity in your hands, the modular DPI 620 Genii delivers a range of calibration tasks, in one compact hand-held system. Unique among calibrators, the DPI 620 Genii is driven by a touch and swipe interface, making it faster and simpler to access every function in this world-class multifunction calibrator. Intuitive command menus allow you to fully load supporting documentation for every device, so your engineers always have the latest information at their fingertips and are up and running in minutes.

unik 5000UNIK 5000

is an incredibly flexible silicon pressure sensor solution incorporating a wide range of accuracies, outputs, temperature ranges and physical constructions. UNIK 5000 is configured specifically to your application requirement. Using proven Druck components our modular design process offers over 10,000 configurations to meet your specific needs – bringing accuracy, productivity and safety to a wide range of applications.


SLP 20 Submersible Level Probe

The SLP has been developed as a fully submersible level measurement solution and is especially suitable for applications requiring measurement at multiple points. Its innovative design and use of moulded polymer materials ensure a complete hermetic seal, over an operating temperature range of -40.

PV-Pressure Stations
PV 621, PV 622 and PV 623 Pressure Stations

Druck PV621 PV622 PV623 Pressure Generation Stations offer advanced pressure generation of 95% Vacuum to 20 bar (300 psi) &  100 bar (1500 psi) Pneumatic to 1000 bar (15000 psi) hydraulic.

lp1000_200LP 1000 Series Pressure Sensor

The GE Druck LP 1000 Series pressure sensor is a wet/wet differential pressure transmitter that is ideally suited for use in clean room HVAC monitoring and control. The GE Druck LP 1000 Series pressure sensor offers several improvements over traditional sensors such as user-accessible damping, excellent long-term stability, and wet/wet differential operation where conductive fluids may be exposed to the measurement diaphragm.

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